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Information Technology and Internet Marketing Consultant serving businesses worldwide.

IT Consulting

Help with the installation, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of home or office computers, business servers, whether it is hardware, software or network related.

Web and Network Security

Assisting customers with optimisation of web server, application, database as well as network security and speed.

Online Marketing and E-Commerce

Providing online marketing services beyond SEO, PPC and social media: covering even website design, application development, E-Commerce and more.

Digital Photography

Producing professionally taken and edited digital DSLR or drone photos for clients mostly in the real estate and accommodation sectors.

360° Virtual Tours

Hire a trusted pro to boost your visibility! Help your potential customers find your business easier by getting featured in Google's indoor Street View system, appear on Google Maps and embed a 360° panoramic virtual tour in your website.

Video Production

Short videos in Ultra HD resolution filmed by drones or other digital video equipment, edited with music or client-provided voiceover.


360 IT Pro is an Information Technology Consultancy based in Nanaimo BC Canada, owned and operated by Kris Tarr, an IT professional with over two decades of experience in the industry. Beyond IT services, 360 IT Pro also offers online marketing as well as professional digital photography for businesses in the pharmaceutical, online gaming, real estate and accommodation sectors.

  • Service Area

    North America, Southeast Asia and Europe

    Service areas, depending on the type of services requested, covers nearly the entire world, currently focusing on North America, Southeast Asia and most countries in Europe. Please note that certain types of services that require on-site presence may incur additional charges.

  • Services

    IT consulting, troubleshooting, web design, programming, online marketing, virtual tours

    The list of services includes everything from computer, server and network troubleshooting, installation and maintenance, through web application development, web site speed and search engine optimization to 360 panoramic virtual tours.

  • To Book An Appointment

    Call +1.604.200.2069


360 IT Pro offers professional IT services at these competitive prices:

360° Panoramic Virtual Tour

Up to 10 panoramic shots: $100
Extra panoramic images at: $10 /image
Includes connecting the panoramic images into a responsive and easy-to-navigate virtual tour uploaded to Google Streetview.

Still Photography

Up to 20 still shots: $100
Extra stills at: $5 /image
Includes the production of either 10 Mpix RAW images or well balanced and colour adjusted images in JPG or PNG formats.

IT Consultation

$100 /hr
Covers everything from web design, server setup and maintenance, web application development, computer troubleshooting, repair, network security and more.

Aerial Drone Photos

Up to 5 still shots: $100
Extra aerial stills at: $20 /image
Includes the production of 12 Mpix aerial photos in 4056×3040 resolution in RAW, PNG or JPG format.

Aerial Drone Videos

Up to 20 minutes of uncut aerial footage: $100
Or up to 5 minutes of edited aerial movie: $100
Includes the production of Ultra HD 4K video in MP4 or MOV format of either 20 minutes uncut, unedited raw aerial footage as exported from the drone or 5 minutes of professionally edited movie with music or with voice-over if provided by client.

Ultimate Packages

For homes with up to 2000 sqft: $300
Additional square-footage: $100 /1000-sqft
Unlimited with website: $1000
Includes a compbination of all our services as needed, limited only by the square-footage of the home. Upgrade that to the Unlimited package which includes photos, videos and virtual tours of a home with no square-footage limit, featured on a modern website built specifically for the home where domain registration and webhosting is also included.

Please note that these prices exclude applicable taxes and are subject to change without notice.


Send us an email to [email protected] or call +1.604.200.2069 to discuss your IT needs.